Two Minute tidbit: IT Pays to live in WISCONSIN

Live in Wisconsin? If you are a homeowner, lived in a nursing home, or pay rent to a landlord, you may qualify for the Wisconsin Homestead Credit!  The maximum credit is $1,168 and it is refundable (it increases your refund). To qualify for the homestead credit for 2013, you must meet the requirements below:

·  You must have been a legal resident of Wisconsin for all of 2013, from January 1 through December 31.

·  You must have been 18 years of age or older on December 31, 2013.

·  You cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s 2013 federal income tax return.

·  Your household income must have been less than $24,680 for 2013.

·  You must have been the owner or renter of your Wisconsin homestead during 2013. See the definition of “homestead.”

·  You must not have lived for the entire year 2013 in housing that is exempt from property taxes.

· You must not, at the time of filing a claim, be living in a nursing home and receiving Title XIX medical assistance.

·  You must not be claiming Wisconsin farmland preservation credit for 2013.

·  You must not be claiming the veterans and surviving spouses property tax credit on the 2013 real estate taxes.

· You must not have received Wisconsin Works (W2) payments of any amount or county relief payments of $400 or more for each month of 2013.

Also, you can claim the homestead credit as far back as 2009 is you qualify.
Bring a copy of your property tax bill or download the rent certificate form to take advantage of the credit today! If you need more information, use this link or contact me

Jéneen R. Perkins is a freelance accountant and consultant serving entrepreneurs, families and small businesses. She prides herself in being fluent in English instead of “Accountant-ese”.