I write this message on the eve of the 6-year anniversary of Éclat Enterprises LLC. Éclat Enterprises, LLC was created based on one dream: to help people understand money better. Granted, I could have fulfilled this dream working for someone else. I’ve always helped people with their accounting and taxes needs since 2004. Sometimes I was paid, and sometimes I volunteered my talents. In either case, I loved doing the work! I know it may sound crazy, but I really do love numbers. I also enjoy helping people and teaching people about numbers!

In January 2011, I made a promise to myself, “If I can make $500 doing accounting and tax work on the side, I will start a business doing that. By the end of May, I had exceeded that goal by $50.Naturally, it was time to step out on my dream and start the business. I already had about 20 or so clients. One would think this was a good start. So why not start then, right?

I talked myself out of starting right then and there because I was facing many obstacles in my personal and professional career.  felt as though many of the things I wanted to accomplish wouldn’t come across my path in the next 10 years. I had just finished failing the audit section of the CPA exam and had the most devastating breakup of my 20’s the year before.

Then the day came. Call it intuition, or the push I needed. But finally, I became fed up with corporate ladders, the unpredictable job market, and “the powers that be”. From that day forward, I decided to trust in myself and pursue my dreams until all options failed.

On 07/26/2011, As a graduate student with a full-time job, a part-time job, and my first apartment I literally took count of what was in my wallet and there wasn’t enough to pay the $150 business filing fees with the state of Wisconsin. I was ecstatic to find that I had enough available funds on a nearly-maxed out credit card to pay the $150 to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.

Then I created a website using weebly.com to launch my first (and very horrible) website for free.

Once that was complete, I started taking on tax clients. I would meet the clients where they were whether it was their homes or place of business.

Today, I have a wonderful group of team members, an inviting office for clients, and a new website  (https://consulteclat.com).

So there you have it, my friends! The origin of Éclat Enterprises LLC was never written or calculated in a business plan. It started with virtually nothing and a dream.

I write this message to inspire those who may read it or share it. I inspire all to keep fighting for your dreams and to get rid of everything to live out your wildest dreams. Living a life with purpose doesn’t include the “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve” mentality. Dreams cannot be fulfilled thinking like this. Life is full of opportunities, you must decide which ones you are going to take or leave behind. And in some cases, if the opportunity doesn’t exist be strong enough to make it.

To my fellow entrepreneurs, I commend you! Regardless of the stage of growth of your business, keep pushing forward. It will be hard. People in your life will not understand you. You will get tempting job offers and buyout offers. Some will even consider you to be unemployed. Don’t stop dreaming because others cannot see the world and your life through your eyes.

I am still dreaming of what I want my business to become. I am still pushing to get there. And I will continue to do so until I can’t push anymore. I am excited to celebrate 6 years of living out my dream.



Jéneen R. Perkins is a freelance accountant and is fluent in plain English, not “Accountant-ese”.