Business Impossible*: Episode 2

Creations by Capri was headed by two family members at its birth.  During our second meeting in August 2012, I got to hear both perspectives of the business itself.  The conversation eventually boiled down to one wanting to go ahead full steam and the other one didn’t want to get her hair wet. Even though I am close friends with one of them, I decided to remain neutral. It was the best stance for me to take, being that they are family and will have to see each other at Thanksgiving. I might be at that table this year. Imagine if a family feud starts because I “suggested” what both should do. No thank you!

Currently, Creations by Capri makes custom candy sculptures on demand, and will offer seasonal items for holidays and events. Typically, the company makes money during Mother’s day and Easter by selling candy gift baskets and centerpieces. One of the “owners” wants it to be a full-time gig, while the other doesn’t want to change anything. From a professional standpoint, I couldn’t render a decision until I completed an analysis of what was sold already. So I was forced to be neutral (AGAIN!) until I got all the information I needed to see if there is a way to generate some legitimate cash flow.

So I told both of them, I would give me verdict in the next monthly meeting. Personally, I cannot stand behind any business decision if it does not make dollars, or sense.

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